Recommend Gary StClair For Your Professional Agent

I had the pleasurable experience of having Gary St Clair as our agent when we went through the tedious process of selling my Grandmother’s home.


This process took approximately six months from the first time Gary evaluated the property until the signing of the final papers. He worked alongside my cousins and me as we completely revamped and refurbished the house. He set up the people who would do the work and helped establish the budget that we tried to stay within. He was always available to answer questions and meet with contractors on a moment’s notice. This became a fulltime job not only for us, for Gary as well.


As we moved to the conclusion of the project, Mr. St Clair advised us of the Open House protocol and listing prices according to the market. He never lost his poise as our Family grew anxious to get the deal done.


I without a doubt recommend Gary St Clair for your professional agent to take care of your property transaction. He is the best in my opinion.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Sam Piraro

Seller – San Jose